… unserer Tierschützerin von Ort.

Dear all,

as you all know, there are more and more dogs coming to the vet’s station
every day. For some of them, that is the last station, but for more is a
chance to live and be presented and their life story to be told and seen
with human eyes. This human means humane for most of the part.

I would also like to ask you to ask your audience, not to mearly skim the
pics, but to see it. To see and to undestand that they are alive, they exist
and they suffer. Their eyes are eyes that live and look just for humans,
which is so sad to me. If they had a knowledge to see what most humans are,
they would surely run and never come back. Or not? Every time I go to the
vet’s station, I get hurt. Hurt for not being able to take them all and save
them instantly, as one day in dogs life means so much. So, when somebody
says next month, next year, it is basicly half of their life time.

All those dogs are so wonderful, so not guilty of anything, not even for
being born. If it was our destiny in our life to participate in their life
at least with one meal, we should feel happy and blessed. What else do they

On the weekends, we all serve them more. I take care of my crew, then go to
Jozo and go to the vet’s in the afternoon. It is always time best spend.

I truly appriciate all you do for them, understanding that for them there is
noone else to take care of – ONLY US! Please, don’t ever forget how
important it is.

We all struggle to put a meal in their dishes, it is hart to feed 100 dogs
every day. If I should answer how exactly we do it – I wouldn’t know. It is
providence and well-doing, so it comes and goes.

Please, tell your donors about the neccesity of donation money for food. In
the past month, we had 881,67 KM only for food! Plus fosters, medicals and
all…number is enormous…Plus, what you are paying already…

For some time, I let the vet live without me going there, but I can’t let it
go any more, as they need us all.